13 & Older GHVBL RULES
In General, GHVBL adheres to National Federation of High School Rules in all 60'/90' Games
Eligibility of Players & Roster Size
Roster size is limited to 20. Rosters must be submitted prior to the season. We encourage expanded rosters to avoid any forfeit.  We may allow exceptions to this rule in order to avoid a forfeit.
Teams accepted on basis of driving parity for each division. Coaches are encouraged to place teams in appropriate division based on results in prior seasons and updated team make-up.
Team & Player Post Season Eligibility
TEAMS must play 8 games (Spring/Fall) in order to be eligible for playoffs (12 in SUMMER).  Any exception to this rule will be considered but we ask all teams to make every effort to play games (do not wait to end of season for make-ups) ALL eligible teams are entered into playoff tournament.
PLAYERS (Specific Team Members) must play in at least one-half (50%) of the minimum requirement of games (FOR THE TEAM THEY ARE PLAYING WITH IN THE PLAYOFFS) to be eligible for participation in Post-Season Play.  Only exceptions made in situation of injury.  4 games in Spring/Fall & 6 games in Summer
Regular Season Schedule – Rescheduling Games
Teams must work together to schedule regular season games at the preseason scheduling meeting. Teams MAY schedule more than  games – BUT FIRST 12 COMPLETED GAMES (16 IN SUMMER) count in the Playoff Seeding Standings.
In the case of rainout – please contact opposing coach to make-up game asap – and please inform league director, umpire director, and both teams must agree on time/place – please contact the league Directors to assist if you have difficulty. Rain – Games are considered official after 5 full (4 ½ if home team is ahead)
Protesting Games
GHVBL Protest Policy – The protesting manager must notify the home plate umpire of a protest before the next pitch is thrown. The umpire must note the point of protest in the scorebook of the protesting manager and then notify the umpire coordinator after the game. All protests must be accompanied by a $25 check made payable to the Greater Hudson Valley Baseball League, from the protesting manager, forwarded to and received within 72 hours by the League Director. The protest should include the game situation, the rule being protested, and the teams and umpires involved. If a protest is upheld, the $25 check will be refunded.
Any conduct deemed detrimental to the game by the game umpire shall result in a game ejection or forfeiture.
If anyone associated with a team (coach or player) is ejected from a game, that person will have an automatic one (1) game suspension, for the following game, the first time. In the event the following game is not played due to inclement weather or schedule conflicts, the suspension applies to the next game played; The second time that same person is ejected, the GVHBL Director will review the matter for further disciplinary action. Game umpires will notify the appropriate league director of the suspended player’s name and game conduct.
Determining Starting Line-upWe let the coach/team play as many players as he/she wants. The only information needed regarding a “Starting Lineup” is the number of batters. We do not care who plays in the field.  Players must stay in same position in batting lineup.  We use the “Sports @ The Beach” rule of flexible substitution.
Offensive – Team may bat 9 players, the entire lineup or in-between. Once the number of batters is determined, it must remain for the entire game. No automatic outs unless an ejected player’s turn comes up.  That is the only scenario that will result in an  automatic out. Once a substitution bats or runs for a player, the sub and the original starter are locked into that batting position and either one may bat or run in that position ONLY.
Defensive – Any player on the roster may play in any defensive position at any time, regardless of being in the batting order.
Example – A team may have 18 players: Bat 9 of them and play the other 9 in the field. No one player in a game can assume more than one offensive position.
Line-Up & The Pitcher
There are NO minimum play requirements. NO Pitching Restrictions. Please consider the welfare of your kids and balance their pitching workload.  Teams must self-manage these circumstances.
STEALING BASES – Full Leading & Stealing in 13U+
Balks called per NFHS Rules
Slap Bunt/Slash is allowed in 13U & 14U as we play NFHS rules.
“Courtesy Runners” are permitted with two outs – for Catcher and/or Pitcher (not required). Runner must be last batted out.
Dropped third strike is live ball with no runner on first base or with two outs  The batter may then attempt to reach first base and must be tagged or thrown out. With two outs and the bases loaded, the catcher who fails to catch the third strike may, upon picking up the ball, step on home plate for a force-out or make a throw to any other fielder. If at the time of the strike three pitch, first base is occupied with fewer than two outs, the batter is automatically out and cannot become a runner.
SUMMER 12's Playing FALL 13U (important rules) - Metal spikes only allowed on 60/90 fields.  No metal spikes on 50/70 fields.  FALL 13U may use 1.15 BPF Bats.  No BBCOR requirement for 13U Fall.  Coach may make two trips per inning (for each new pitcher).  Teams play 7 inning games - Umps cost $70 per ump - Balk warning if both coaches agree.
8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U - Coach may make two trips per inning.  At any time of the game a pitcher receiving their 3rd visit must result in the pitcher's removal.
13U and above - HS Federation Rules - Coaches receive 3 free pitcher conferences for the game - removing a pitcher DOES NOT COUNT AS A PITCHER CONFERENCE.
13U+ – A team trailing the leading team by 10 Runs after 5 FULL innings (4 ½ with the home team ahead) shall concede defeat immediately.  7/6/16 UPDATE – After 5th inning – 10 runs after FULL inning – home team gets last licks.
13U+ No time limit on games (unless home team has defined slot for game & both teams are communicated to before game), all regular season DOUBLEHEADER games in a tie after 7 innings shall play the 8th inning straight up - then go to the “California Rule” (IN NINTH INNING) – Last Batted out goes to second base – inning starts with ZERO OUTS. Single games play one extra inning, then California Rule in Inning 9. Continue with California Rule until game completes – OR – game is TIE after 10 innings. Regulation games called due to darkness or weather related MAY end in a tie.
Doubleheaders – Teams are given a 15 minute grace period to field 8 players before resulting in a forfeit. In addition visiting teams shall receive at least 15 minutes of field time prior to the game, from first arrival. Inability to field 9 players for a game shall result in forfeit.
ON DECK WARM-UP – On Deck Batter – ONLY IF THERE IS AN ENCLOSED designated area.  NO open area on deck batters.
8U, 9U, 10U - (46'-60' Fields) - Bats Must be Little League Regulation & 1.15BPF, Wood, or (USABat) Stamped.
11U, 12U - (50'-70' Fields) - Bats Must be 1.15BPF, BBCOR, Wood, or (USABat) Stamped.
13U & 14U - (60'-90' Fields) - Bats must be BBCOR .50, Wood, or (USABat) Stamped - 13U Fall Exception (May use 1.15BPF)
15U & Above - (60'-90' Fields) - Bats must be BBCOR .50 or Wood
CLEATS & SPIKES - 13u & Up – Spikes Allowed on 54/80 & 60/90 fields ONLY.  No spikes allowed EVER on 46/60 or 50/70 fields.
Fake to third – throw to first pickoff is allowed.
Games may be played with or without the double bag at first. If a field has a double base, all infield outs runner must touch the orange (outside) base and the first baseman must be in contact with the white part of the base when a play is being made. If there is a base hit the runner can touch either base.
Obstruction shall be called if a runner does not have access to the bag/plate. The runner could/will be awarded 1 base. A defensive player cannot block a base without the ball.
GHVBL abides by “Slide or avoid contact” rule.  Players are not required to slide into all bases, if they are avoiding contact.  13U+ headfirst sliding is allowed.
8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U - Coach may make two trips per inning.  At any time of the game a pitcher receiving their 3rd visit must result in the pitcher's removal.
13U and above - HS Federation Rules - Coaches receive 3 free pitcher conferences for the game - removing a pitcher DOES NOT COUNT AS A PITCHER CONFERENCE.

Each team, when on defense, may be granted not more than three charged conferences during a seven-inning game, without penalty, to permit coaches or their non-playing representatives to confer with a defensive player or players. In an extra inning game, each team shall be permitted one charged conference each inning while on defense without penalty. The number of charged conferences permitted is not cumulative. A request for time for this purpose shall be made by a coach, player, substitute or an attendant. Time granted for an obviously incapacitated player shall not constitute a charged conference. Prior to accumulating three charged conferences in seven innings or less, a conference is not charged if the pitcher is removed as pitcher.

Approved Game Balls
Teams may use league issued “The Rock” balls, WPBA Logo Balls, OR NYEB Logo Balls.  NFHS Baseballs are also legal please make sure they are Cushioned Cork Center - good quality baseballs - Each Team shall provide at least 2 game balls for each game.
Umpire Fees
13U-16U – Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $70 per umpire/game Each team pays one ump.
17U - Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $80 per umpire/game Each team pays one ump.
Catching/Pitching Restrictions
No restrictions on pitchers going to catch or catchers going to pitch
Playoffs (Single Elimination)
All teams make the playoffs – Higher Seed has option of hitting first or second.  Higher seed may host for first two rounds of playoffs.
Seeding will be based on a weighted point system for regular season games.
First 12 (16 in SUMMER) complete games played count in playoff seeding standings. Additional games do not count in standings.
Tie breaker for two teams at end of season will go first to head to head then to RUNS AGAINST for SEASON.
Most importantly – please contact opposing coaches and call umpires DIRECTLY. Secondly, copy league director – theghvbl@gmail.com and umpire director – task3389@verizon.net – Please make a call at least two hours before game time – if game is called after the umpire travels to the game – they are entitled one-half game fee.
GAME CANCELLATIONS & PENALTIES (non-weather related) - when a game must be cancelled, you must inform the league to give our umpire assignor Tom Kienzle enough time to redeploy the umpire crew.  Please inform the league email (theghvbl@gmail.com) and Tom (task3389@verizon.net) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of game time - your team is subject to forfeit & must pay the umpire crew if we can not reassign for the game (or games if a doubleheader).  Remember, we have great umpires that depend on our league for their income.  It is not fair to leave them hanging.