GHVBL BAT RULES  (updated 9/22/17)

8U, 9U, 10U - (46'-60' Fields) - Bats Must be Little League Regulation & 1.15BPF, Wood, or (USABat) Stamped - 11U Fall (46'-60') under same requirement

11U, 12U - (50'-70' Fields) - Bats Must be 1.15BPF, BBCOR, Wood, or (USABat) Stamped.

13U & 14U - (60'-90' Fields) - Bats must be BBCOR .50, Wood, or (USABat) Stamped - 13U Fall Exception (May use 1.15BPF)

15U & Above - (60'-90' Fields) - Bats must be BBCOR .50 or Wood


As an independent league - we are free to adopt rules when we feel appropriate.  Historically we will follow rules that are unanimous across major national baseball league affiliations.

On the 2018 (USABat) standard....  

While "most" league affiliations are adopting the new (USABat) standard (Little League, Cal Ripken, etc) - some are not (including AAU & USSSA)

As a result, and considering some of the initial price points of (USABat) certified bats, GHVBL will NOT BE MANDATING the use of (USABat) certified bats in the Spring of 2018.

As you know, the GHVBL is a proponent of sportsmanship, parity, and great baseball at a fair price.  

In the spirit of this, we will monitor the price movement in the (USABat) standard, and IF they become in parity to the 1.15BPF standard before the announcement of the (USABat) standard - we MAY consider implementing the new standard.  

The earliest this could happen would be Summer 2018.

GHVBL will provide an update to this statement in the Spring of 2018 - leaving plenty of time in the event the adoption of the (USABat) is necessary.  

Until then, (USABat) stamped bats are immediately welcome for play (starting in Fall 2017), in addition to the existing certified bats.


Is the GHVBL allowing Big Barrel Bats in younger divisions?  YES - If the bat has a USABat label, it is legal, and there are several USABat stamped bats that are Big Barrel.  If it does not have the USABat label - then it is not legal, as there are no LL sanctioned bats that are Big Barrel today unless it has the USABat label.

Is there a specific drop requirement in the 8U - 14U divisions? NO - Again, if the Bat is USABat approved, then it may be used in 8U - 14U, no questions asked.  If it is not USABat approved, then this years bat rules apply.

Is the BBCOR standard going away? NO - the USABat standard ONLY APPLIES to 8U - 14U.  So where you are supposed to use BBCOR in 13U & 14U today - you may now use USABat which includes larger drops than -3.  BBCOR is in place and required for 15U and above.