9U GHVBL RULES - in general, we follow Cal Ripken / Little League rules for 9U



"Heckling" Penalty - 1st offence - TEAM warning.  2nd offence - umpire awards pitch (ball or strike) to team subjected to offence. 3rd offence - umpire may award base or out. 4th offence - GAME DECISION (umpire discretion)

UMPIRES FEES - $60/game – split evenly among both teams.

BASEBALLS – Approved Game Balls - Teams may use league issued Diamond DOL-A or DOL-LSA, Champro CBB-300 or CBB-301, or other league cleared Cushioned Cork Baseballs. Each Team shall provide at least 2 game balls for each game. After that, each team alternates - away team first.... No rubber pill or solid cork baseballs... 

ROSTERS – Your age on APRIL 30th of the current year is your baseball age for the entire Spring & Summer seasons - teams "move up in the Fall".  Rosters are limited to 20.  A player may play “up” to help a team in the event that the older age group is in need of a player short of players.

POST-SEASON ELIGIBILITY - TEAMS must play 6 games (Spring/Fall) or 8 games (Summer) in order to be eligible for playoffs.  NO EXCEPTIONS. ALL eligible teams are entered into playoff tournament. PLAYERS (Specific Team Members) must play in at least 4 games (Spring/Fall) and 6 games (Summer) (FOR THE TEAM THEY ARE PLAYING WITH IN THE PLAYOFFS) to be eligible for participation in Post-Season Play.  Only exceptions made in situation of injury - contact league email for league exception consideration.

PLAYERS may not play playoffs for more than ONE TEAM in the same DIVISION.  

Coaching staff - may consist of a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Scorekeeper, & One Bench Coach for a total of no more than 4 coaches. There should never be more than 4 coaches in the bench area.

STARTING LINEUP – GHVBL uses the “Sports @ The Beach” rule on lineups.  It is flexible and easy to implement.  We want to let the Coach play as many players as he/she wants. The only information needed regarding a "Starting Lineup" is the number of batters. 

Offensive - Team may bat 9 players, the entire lineup or in-between. Once the number of batters is determined, it must remain for the entire game. No automatic outs unless an ejected player's turn comes up and there are no subs available or if a team plays with 8 (9th position in order is automatic out).  Those are the only scenarios that will result in an automatic out. Once a substitution bats or runs for a player, the sub and the original starter are locked into that batting position. Either one may bat or run in that position ONLY and are interchangeable for the game - no limit on re-entry.  Teams may play with 8 players.

If a player is removed due to injury (and skipped in the lineup - that player MAY NOT RETURN TO THE GAME)

Defensive - Any player on the roster may play in any defensive position at any time, regardless of being in the batting order.  

9U PLAYS WITH 3 OUTFIELDERS, however if both teams agree to play with 4 (in order to get more kids playing time) it is allowed.  This is the case in all seasons, regular season and playoffs.  

MINIMUM PLAY RULE – In 9U all players in uniform must play 2 innings in field & have at least 1 at bat.

ON DECK WARM-UP - On Deck Batter - ONLY IF THERE IS AN ENCLOSED designated area.  NO open area on deck batters.

8U - 10U & Fall 11U(60) - (All 46' x 60' fields) - Wood or USABat (non-wood bats must have USABat stamp or label)

see for more information

CLEATS - 9u – Plastic Molded (No Spikes)

CATCHER’S MASK, HELMET, AND THROAT PROTECTOR (ALL DIVISIONS) – An extended “dangling” throat protector is considered a required part of the catcher’s mask. Hockey-style catcher’s masks with built-in extended throat protection are approved and do not require an extended “dangling” throat protector. The catchers mask shall not have a chrome or mirror-like surface.    The catcher’s helmet and mask combination shall meet the NOCSAE standard which includes having full ear protection with dual ear flaps.  The skull cap and mask combination does not meet the NOCSAE standard nor does it provide full ear protection with dual ear flaps and is not permitted in GHVBL.  

RE-ENTRY - Any of the offensive starting lineup may be withdrawn and re-entered AS MUCH AS YOU WISH, providing such player occupies the same batting position whenever in the lineup.  In other words, players may "share" positions in the batting order, baserunning and/or batting.

PITCHING RULES - GHVBL has adopted the Pitch Smart Compliance Program.  Please adhere to the very specific documented pitching limits here. Pitch limits and "Daily Max" are HARD STOPS - meaning there is no exception for the pitcher to finish the batter. Please collaborate with opposing coach between innings to confirm accurate pitch count.  In areas of disagreement, HOME TEAM owns OFFICIAL PITCH COUNT unless agreed otherwise.

BALKS - 9u: There are no balks. Illegal Pitches or Quick Pitches will be recorded as balls after one warning per pitcher.

TRIPS TO THE MOUND - 9u: 2 trips per inning, the third he must be removed. At any time in the game, any pitcher receiving  a third visit must be removed for another pitcher.  Once a pitcher is removed he can no longer pitch in that game.

SLASH-BUNTING - 9u: Slash-Bunting is not permitted. Once a player squares around to bunt, he/she must either bunt or take the pitch. If they make any attempt at swinging they will be called out, regardless of whether contact was made or not.

SPEED-UP - With any # of outs, running for the catcher and/or pitcher OR INCOMING catcher and/or pitcher is allowed.  However, it is not mandatory.

STEALING - 9u – Little League rules on stealing – leads after ball passes home plate – do not leave early! There are no limits to # of steals in inning or at any base – stealing home is permitted.  SPRING EXCEPTION - If coaches agree on a modification of stealing rule (before game) this is permitted in the Spring - (i.e. Inning Steal Limit, Must bat or walk player only from third base) - up to coaches discretion and must be discussed and agreed to at pregame meeting with umpire.

BASERUNNING - GHVBL IS A SLIDE OR AVOID CONTACT LEAGUE - Forceful, purposeful collisions are grounds for immediate ejection.  Players are not required to slide into all bases, if they are avoiding contact.   No headfirst sliding into a base on 46/60 fields although you may slide headfirst BACK to a bag.  If a play is being made, player may go in standing but must make effort to avoid contact. If umpire deems contact unnecessary, the runner is out and if in the opinion of the umpire, it was intentional, the player will be ejected.

Courtesy Runnerspermitted at ANYTIME - for Catcher and/or Pitcher OR INCOMING Catcher and/or Pitcher (not required). Courtesy Runner must be last batted out.

No dropped third strike in 9U.

MERCY RULE, TIME LIMITS - 9u - If a team is winning by 10 runs after 4 FULL innings OR a 10 run distance is achieved in 5th or 6th – we will allow home team to get “last licks”.  No inning starts after 1:45 make good judgement - tie game at 1:45 is ump discretion. 

8U - 12U EXTRA INNING RULES - All games play one extra inning straight up, then California Rule (inning starts with last batted out at 2nd base & zero outs) in Inning 8 & 9.  Game is TIE after 9 innings. Regulation games called due to darkness or weather related MAY end in a tie.  PLAYOFF EXCEPTION - play 10th inning and beyond with California rule until decision.

HELMETS - Any player at-bat, on the bases, or in the coaching boxes must wear a double ear-flapped helmet.

DUGOUT - ONLY 4 COACHES ALLOWED in dugout/field.  No parents allowed in dugout area.

BASE COACHES - Not allowed to touch player when ball is in play.  At umpire discretion - batter runner may be directed back to base or called out per LL and/or CR rules.

DOUBLEHEADERS - Each team will be home one game. No one team should be home both games of a doubleheader. The host team will have choice of which dugout they will use regardless of which team arrives at the field first.

PLAYOFFS – Teams must play 8 games (summer) to participate in playoffs - 6 in spring/fall

FORECAST FOR RAIN – HOME TEAM MAKES THE CALL - Most importantly – please contact opposing coaches and call umpires DIRECTLY. Secondly, copy league director – theghvbl@gmail.com and umpire director – task3389@verizon.net – Please make a call at least two hours before game time – if game is called after the umpire travels to the game – they are entitled one-half game fee.

GHVBL THUNDER & LIGHTNING POLICY - Thunder and lightning necessitates that games be suspended. The occurrence of thunder and/or lightning is not subject to interpretation or discussion ‐ thunder is thunder, lightning is lightning. With any weather in the forecast, please set up a plan for shelter prior to the start of a game.  When thunder is heard and/or when lightning is seen, the following procedures should be adhered to:

Suspend play and direct participants to go to shelter, a building normally occupied by the public or if a building is unavailable, participants should go inside a vehicle with a solid metal top (e.g. bus, van, car). Do not permit people to stand under or near a tree; and have all stay away from poles, antennas, towers and underground watering systems. After thunder and/or lightning have left the area, wait 30 minutes after the last boom is heard or strike is seen before resuming game.

GAME CANCELLATIONS & PENALTIES (non-weather related) - when a game must be cancelled, you must inform the league to give our umpire assignor Tom Kienzle enough time to redeploy the umpire crew.  Please inform the league email (theghvbl@gmail.com) and Tom (task3389@verizon.net) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of game time - your team is subject to forfeit & must pay the umpire crew if we can not reassign for the game (or games if a doubleheader).  Remember, we have great umpires that depend on our league for their income.  It is not fair to leave them hanging.